Your Guarantee of Quality Powder Coating

Superior Paint and Powder Coatings offer the highest possible quality powder coating service to fenestration and the construction sector.

As part of our commitment to quality, we are a certified and approved powder applicator. We are also an approved and vetted member of established organisations and trade bodies.

Certified and Approved powder coatings for fenestration and construction.

Our membership of professional organisations is detailed below.  We also provide information regarding our powder suppliers, Quality Assurance and memberships of industry bodies.


logoAlfed is the Aluminium Federation. It is an established trade association working to represent the UK aluminium industry. ALFED also works with European and International aluminium associations bringing anyone working in all sectors of the aluminium industry together.

We are proud to be members of ALFED that works with us to not only expand the use of aluminium in the UK but also to represent us and others. The Aluminium Federation is also involved with and manages the All Party Parliamentary Group on Aluminium.


Qualicoat_Logo_desktopQUALICOAT is the global quality label for the coating and finishing of aluminium.  Any professional powder coating that is a member of QUALICOAT is committed to the highest standards in the powder coating of aluminium extrusions, sections and aluminium sheet.  QUALICOAT also extends to lacquering and painting.  Superior Paint and Powder Coating are QUALICOAT approved.

Council for Aluminium in Building

cab_logoThe Council for Aluminium in Building (C.A.B) represents the interests of the aluminium fenestration sector and promotes the use of aluminium in construction and building.  It’s now the largest Aluminium in Building UK Trade Association.  We have been members of the CAB for several years and work with them and their other members to improve quality, standards and products.

British Standards Institute

logo_116The British Standards Institute is a leading authority in quality assurance, testing, certification and quality overall.  Superior Paint and Powder Coating are quality assured under BSI meeting the current British and European standards for our paint process, application, testing and long term performance.


If you would like further information about our range of powder coating and finishing services please contact us.