How to prevent faded powder coated windows.

If your building has aluminium powder coated windows, does the surface finish of your aluminium windows show signs of fading? For aged and faded powder coated windows, this can make an otherwise good commercial building appear tired and dated.

Faded Powder Coated Windows. Solutions and Advice.

The speed at which powder coated windows can fade depends on many factors. One of the most important is exposure and the frequency of routine cleaning. If your powder coated aluminium windows show signs of severe fading, on-site powder coating and repair is the solution.

Why do powder coated windows fade?

faded powder coated windows

Fading on powder coated windows is caused by many factors, but can be delayed as well.

The speed at which a powder coated aluminium window can fade differs. City centre, coastal or environments near heavy engineering can all affect powder coated windows. It is also important to remember that powder coated windows are not designed to last forever. Even the best guarantees available today still far in line with the life expectancy of the product. Some common reasons why powder coated windows fade.

  • Climates create fading on powder coated windows.
  • Certain colours like red and blue will fade faster than others.
  • Powder coatings are affected by exposure to the sun.
  • Lack of proper cleaning and removal or dirt such as bird-droppings.

To prevent faded powder coated windows, look after them.

One of the best ways to slow down the fading of powder coated aluminium windows is to clean them. Routine cleaning can even extend the life of the surface finish when done correctly and regularly.

All the leading powder coating organisations have created great guides on how to look after powder coated windows. In more severe environments, the frequency of cleaning should be increased.

Many commercial buildings have systems and procedures that record cleaning and maintenance schedules. It is worth checking whether the cleaning of windows and the powder coated surfaces are included in these records. As minor as this may sound, what accurate records of cleaning can do is help identify the potential cause of pitting, fading or discolouration should it occur.

Do you have faded powder coated windows?

Eurosite Finishers can help if your building requires treatment for any faded powder coated aluminium. We use the latest procedures to restore the paint finish of your existing windows, often removing the need to have them replaced altogether.

If you would like further information on our on-site powder coating services, contact us.

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