Anti Graffiti Solutions.

Graffiti is a problem in towns, cities and urban areas all over the modern world. Disused buildings, public transport, recreational areas and other places are often vulnerable.

Local authorities and building owners have for many years suffered with the vandalism of Graffiti whether it is large murals, slogans or images, with marker pens, paints or spray cans.anti graffiti

Graffiti is vandalism resulting in unattractive living and work spaces as well as causing frustration and the public and building owners and expensive to remove. Often an area cleaned of graffiti will quickly be vandalised again.

Superior Paint and Powder coating are able to offer assistance in minimising graffiti.

Our anti graffiti coatings are specially formulated to achieve a finish with a surface resistant to paint chemicals and solvents. We offer an anti graffiti clear coat as well as a specialist graffiti remover and cleaner to enable most graffiti to be easily removed.

Correctly applied, this treatment is approved by transport authorities, local councils, shopping centres and other public buildings prone to the vandalism, cost and inconvenience of removing graffiti.

Anti Bacterial Solutions.

Where clean environments are essential such as hospital areas, laboratories, childcare spaces, treatment plants and any area requiring specific protection against bacteria and microbes Superior Paint and Powder Coating can offer solutions.

Our anti-bacterial paint solutions are specially formulated to fight and protect against the migration or growth of bacteria with special powders. This anti-bacterial powder coating is available in our full range of colors, textures, and chemistries and will protect almost any surface from the growth and spread of bacteria.

A full range of colours and textures is available and below we list just some of the products or areas that can benefit from Anti Bacterial Paint Solutions.

Facilities Managers. Hand rails, pushplates, door handles, dispensers, banister rails and toilet/washroom equipments.
Food Environments. Serving trays, metal salad bars and buffet areas, refrigeration and coolers, serving counters, refrigerated food display areas and serving bowls.
Home Appliances. Domestic white goods, refuse bins, food processing equipment.
Hospitals and Medical. sterilisation equipment, beds and examination tables, commodes and bed pans and other hospital equipment.